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To minimize the risk of Covid-19 to our clients, we are operating by appointment at this time. We offer flexible meeting times, seven days a week, morning to evening.


Services include contactless delivery to try paintings on approval and in-home consultations with masks, gloves and social distancing. We are getting creative in serving customers. We can meet outside the home to view paintings and deliver into garages or to the front door without contact. We are now providing framing services as suppliers begin to open.


If you are in the neighbourhood and want to stop by, we may be available in the gallery. If the outside door opens, please enter and a staff member will meet you at the inside door. Masks and gloves are available for patrons and staff will be equipped as well. We clean all heavy-touch surfaces daily with Health Canada approved cleaners.


To make an appointment, please call 905 822 5495 and we will do our best to meet you at the gallery at a your preferred day and time or on short notice. We hope these ongoing measures will ensure the safety of our guests, suppliers and staff.


We look forward to meeting with you soon.


Harbour Gallery


On Now
Kerr Street Mission Online Auction

Bid on a original Real Fournier Painting “Bravo Mon Ami” and many other amazing items!


For more than two decades, Kerr Street Mission has been providing essential programs and services for families and their children. KSM has become a gathering place and hub of care for the community offering much needed programs like community meals, food market, after school care, youth programs and many more. Whether it’s a helping hand offering support and compassion, a warm meal or connections to community services, KSM has always been there to help.


The iconic work of Pat Fairhead

Winner of the A. J. Casson Medal for Excellence in Watercolour
from the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour
Coming soon to the Harbour Gallery



Watercolour is the most unforgiving of all the mediums. It requires immense risk-taking and at the same time, much control of the pigment. This fine line has been eloquently mastered by Canadian artist Pat Fairhead who has spent her life travelling to remote locations to intimately connect with the places that inspire her. Her work shows immense freedom seldom expressed in such a risky medium. Her paintings appear so effortless; it’s as if she is the medium.  She has an incredible ability to bring you right there with her on her journey with such energy that you will be taken in with one glance. We are excited to share her works from different series painted over a lifetime that will take you with her on her travels from the Amazon to Greenland.

Life in Harmony

By Pierre Pivet

Solo Exhibition

April 25 – May 3


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Welcome to the Exhibition!


The evolution of Pierre Pivet’s painting was greatly influenced by a health challenge that he overcame in 2016. After recovering in just three months from a brain operation that led to a coma and the temporary loss of his vision, Pierre created the most powerful collection of his career. The energy in the work was palpable and collectors responded in kind. We could see this life event had brought Pierre into a new level of painting. The collection included scenes of artists, musicians, nature, architecture and people engaged in everyday life. While the subject matter varied by painting, there was a palpable quality of ‘aliveness’ in the entire collection.


Now just two years later, we see yet another progression in his work. While Pierre still uses distinctive flat shapes, there is a softness in his work, a balance of structure and fluidity that evokes emotion. The tenderness he has for life that comes with appreciating every breath is present in every brush stroke. Each painting is a love letter that reminds us that joy found in the simple moments is the miracle of every day. It is as if he wishes to express all the beauty that can be found in life in his paintings.


Through his paintings, Pierre wants people to realize that the beauty of life is found in the simple moments. It’s not found in the manic busyness of acquiring or doing too much. He wants people to know we don’t need material things to enjoy life. The road to contentment is found in time spent with a good friend, reading a book, a good night’s sleep or a nice meal. A beautiful sunset can remind us of the miracle of life. It’s the simple things, those everyday moments that bring us to experience a life in harmony.


Jackie Bryant



A New Collection of Paintings
Mosaic of Place Series
Feature Exhibition On Now
By Brian M. Atyeo


I cannot find the common in anything.


This Series “Mosaic of Places” is my response to the Objects, Places and Everyday Events that become so easily overlooked. It is a push back, at the speed of life, that would have me see what sustains me, as Common.


What you might notice in this series is a sense of portraying community – and its importance in all things. The constant asymmetrical play in the paintings speak to the difficulty in achieving and maintaining a functional place for all of us as we take our place in the evolving compositions of life.


Brian M. Atyeo



Please join us for this new series of paintings currently on exhibit that showcases the familiar and how it makes each day extraordinary.

Jean Claude Roy Documentary
Tous Les Jours  – Trailer
By filmmaker Nicholas Mullins


Nicholas Mullins, a college student from Savannah, GA is currently studying in rural Pennsylvania. His childhood passion of telling stories about creators and creation led him to traveling to Newfoundland in the Summer of 2019 to create a documentary about Jean Claude Roy, an artist Nicholas has admired since he was a child.


The intimate short film centers around the daily routine of the reknowned French artist as he paints the coves and cliffs of the quiet, rocky island. Shot over the course of 10 days by a one-man crew, Tous Les Jours provides a quiet and inspiring escape from the day’s troubles.


For more about the film maker, please visit nmullins.com.