Julie Cosgrove

Feature Exhibition
November 24 – December 8


Artist Statement by Julie Cosgrove


The paintings included in this exhibition are a selection of works that contain the element of water in a deliberate way. In the past two years, I have been integrating the natural mark left by pouring fluid acrylics onto a surface. While this spontaneous and uncontrolled method can sometimes ruin an existing surface, I enjoy the challenge in restraining it while also attempting to leave its trace. Similar to how ‘watermarks’ vary in their visibility, the marks left by water in these paintings also vary in visibility, scale, and opacity. It is the balance between abandon and control that has driven me to work in this way and is an inherent quality in the way that I make decisions while painting. This notion of dualism and contrast is a theme that has resurfaced in my practice, but seems to find its voice in complementary approaches and outcomes.