Réal Fournier
Feature Exhibition


July 21 – August 4


A Journey Into Our True Nature


Réal Fournier has a unique perspective; he grew up in an orphanage where he, along with the other kids created their own sense of family, belonging and togetherness. Given his non-traditional childhood, it is amazing that he found within himself an outlook on life that is centered around themes of love, beauty, our majestic natural world, play, innocence and acknowledging the inner essence of our being. His paintings are inspiring and joyful, they allow us to remember our childhoods or re-imagine them, and reminds us of the wonder and goodness of the world around us. His paintings are influenced by themes of mysticism, shamanism, the innate wisdom of animals, the constant rhythms of nature and the strength of our mother earth. Above all, he allows us to tap into a higher consciousness, bringing us back to our natural child-like wonder of the world and the importance of play.


Join us for this exhibition which celebrates the uniqueness of all the four seasons and how that influences how we play, work and gather together.