Pierre Pivet Solo Exhibition 2020

Welcome to the Exhibition!


The evolution of Pierre Pivet’s painting was greatly influenced by a health challenge that he overcame in 2016. After recovering in just three months from a brain operation that led to a coma and the temporary loss of his vision, Pierre created the most powerful collection of his career. The energy in the work was palpable and collectors responded in kind. We could see this life event had brought Pierre into a new level of painting. The collection included scenes of artists, musicians, nature, architecture and people engaged in everyday life. While the subject matter varied by painting, there was a palpable quality of ‘aliveness’ in the entire collection.


Now just two years later, we see yet another progression in his work. While Pierre still uses distinctive flat shapes, there is a softness in his work, a balance of structure and fluidity that evokes emotion. The tenderness he has for life that comes with appreciating every breath is present in every brush stroke. Each painting is a love letter that reminds us that joy found in the simple moments is the miracle of every day. It is as if he wishes to express all the beauty that can be found in life in his paintings.


Through his paintings, Pierre wants people to realize that the beauty of life is found in the simple moments. It’s not found in the manic busyness of acquiring or doing too much. He wants people to know we don’t need material things to enjoy life. The road to contentment is found in time spent with a good friend, reading a book, a good night’s sleep or a nice meal. A beautiful sunset can remind us of the miracle of life. It’s the simple things, those everyday moments that bring us to experience a life in harmony.


Jackie Bryant



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