Welcome to our Summer Celebration!


Finally, the long-awaited summer has arrived, bringing with it the joyous moments we’ve been yearning for after a seemingly endless winter. It’s time to step outside and embrace the warmth of the sun. To mark this occasion, we are thrilled to present a hot exhibition featuring an incredible lineup of artists. Prepare to be captivated by new works of Brian Atyeo, Ginette Beaulieu, Martine Bélanger, Julie Cosgrove, Scott MacLeod, Andrea Padovani, Pierre Pivet, Danièle Rochon, and Paul Tom. Moreover, we are delighted to introduce one of our newest artists from the West Coast, Tiffany Blaise. Her soul-stirring landscapes depicting the coastal water scenes will transport you to a realm of tranquility and inspiration.


Join us at this extraordinary event and indulge in refreshing beverages while reveling in the breathtaking views. Your presence will enhance the experience, so don’t miss out. Let the summer celebration begin!