Andrea Padovani (1961 –)

Born in Verona, Italy, Padovani graduated from the University of Bologna in 1985 with a Masters in Political Science. He worked as an accountant, a profession he disliked, before turning to painting. Entirely self-taught, he quickly made his mark on the art world with nine solo shows throughout Italy in 1995.

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From his Vatican-owned loft studio in old Verona, Padovani penned poetry, sculpted, painted furniture in 1996 for a show in Berlin, and dabbled in the fashion industry. Solo shows provided wide international exposure in the mid-’90s, broadening his success to Geneva, Berlin, and Singapore. In 1998, following a series of shows in Milan, Vincenza, and Lake Garda, Italy, Padovani exhibited at Artexpo ’98 Geneva. He then turned his attentions to North America, touring the United States with shows in Milwaukee and New Orleans. Seven of his images were chosen as posters by Winn/Devon Art Group of Seattle in 1998 and 1999, a prestigious honour.


Padovani’s work was highly acclaimed in Canada at Artexpo ’98 Vancouver. British Columbia’s majestic, mountainous coast inspired a momentous decision: Padovani and his family moved to B.C. later that year.


In 2004, an international cruise line company chose to hang more than 300 reproductions of Padovani’s paintings aboard a ship that would launch the following year. In 2005, Padovani received another honour in the form of an important commission, this time by Monte Paschi Banque in Paris, the oldest bank in the world.


Today Padovani exhibits extensively in shows all over Canada, the United States, and Europe. He also generously contributes to numerous gallery fundraisers.


While Padovani’s work may seem out of step with contemporary art trends, he wants viewers to enjoy an unmediated experience, without the explanations often required by more conceptual art. “I think you have to have a direct connection with art,” he says. “When you’re in front of a large painting, you feel the vibration going through you.”