Ralph Ingleton (1939 –)

Ralph Ingleton learned about responsibility and independent education at an early age as a member of a large family in southern Ontario. His love of nature was apparent to those around him; he would often give detailed reports on the behaviours of birds, animals, and fish. His talent for drawing and painting the things he loved became well known in the community. By the time he was ten, he was producing paintings for relatives, friends, and his elementary school. Later, he taught himself to carve in both wood and stone.

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After he retired from the teaching profession in 1993, Ingleton turned his attention to sculpting full-time. His art is a result of his ability to see in many dimensions, as well as his profound love for––and considerable knowledge of––nature. Ingleton’s work explores the strength, beauty, and power of many of nature’s creatures, as well as the kinship between living things. Symbolic references to guardians of the land, the feminine, and nature’s forms are referenced in his work.


Ingleton’s sculptures may evolve from memory or be influenced by the characteristics and geometry of the stones with which he works. Some carvings tell a story; others freeze action, while still others interpret form. Most of the pieces, whether serious or whimsical, reflect our undeniable connection to the natural world.


Ingleton believes that in order to maintain a healthy environment, we must learn to love and respect the Earth and do our part to support the life on which we all depend. Throughout his professional teaching career, he devoted himself to that end, and continues to do so through sculpture in the hopes of helping to further society’s understanding and appreciation of the wonders of our world.


Over the last twenty years, Ingleton’s soapstone, alabaster, marble, and steatite carvings have acquired a following of private and public collectors in Canada, Japan, Thailand, the U.S., and England. His works can be found in the corporate collections of Signalta Capital Corporation, Kerr Credit Corporation, Freightliner Canada Limited, Pharmacia and Upjohn, Hummingbird Centre, Roche, and the Orlando Corporation.